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Top 5 WordPress Page Builders

Define WordPress Page Builders.

WordPress Page Builders are programs or plugins made to make building and designing websites on the WordPress platform easier and more enjoyable. Those who wish to create visually beautiful and feature-rich websites but may not have strong coding or design abilities will find these tools very helpful. Characteristics of WordPress Page Builders are given below:

Drag-and-drop Interface: The majority of WordPress Page Builder come with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that makes it simple for users to add elements (such as text, photos, and widgets) to a page or post. This removes the requirement for human coding.
Visual Editing: A live, visual editor is commonly included with WordPress Page Builder so that users may see changes as they are made in real-time. With this WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) method, designing becomes easier.
Pre-built Modules and Templates: A library of pre-built modules and templates is a common feature of WordPress Page Builder.  To quickly create a website with a professional appearance these modules can be used.


  • Picture sliders
  • Contact forms
  • Other design elements

Customization possibilities: For every element, page builders usually provide a plethora of customization possibilities. Users can modify fonts, colors, spacing, and other design components to better fit their preferred brand or aesthetic.

Responsive Design: Responsive design is the process of creating websites that look excellent across a range of devices, such as PCs, tablets, and smartphones. A decent WordPress Page Builder makes sure that the websites built are responsive.

Compatibility: The WordPress ecosystem is perfectly integrated with WordPress Page Builders. They facilitate a unified and adaptable website-building experience by integrating with themes and other plugins. If you want to learn about 15 most essential wordpress plugins read this article.

Top 5 WordPress Page Builders:


Elementor is well-known for its intuitive drag-and-drop interface and a large selection of design elements and templates. Among the most popular WordPress Page Builders is this one. There are paid and free versions of Elementor.
Elementor Pro, the premium edition, comes with more features like more sophisticated widgets, theme-building tools, and more templates. All things considered, Elementors has greatly contributed to the democratization of web design by making it simple for users to build attractive and expert websites.
Drag-and-drop Interface: Users may quickly add and rearrange items on their web pages with the help of Elementor’s user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. Because of this, people with varying ability levels may easily navigate and utilize the design process.
Live Editing: A real-time glimpse of the changes being made is given by the editor. There’s no need to flip between views when users can see exactly how their updates will appear on the front end of their website.
Widgets and Elements: A wide range of widgets and content elements, including as forms, headings, photos, text blocks, buttons, and more, are included with Elementor. These components allow users to construct a variety of eye-catching layouts.
Template Library: Elementor, the best WordPress Page Builder includes a vast library of pre-designed templates for various sections of a website (e.g., headers, footers, and entire pages). Users can import these templates and customize them to suit their needs.

Theme Builder: Elementor allows users to design and customize every part of their website, including headers, footers, and archive pages. This comprehensive control is provided through the Theme Builder feature.

Responsive Design: Elementor ensures that the websites created with it are responsive, meaning they adapt well to different screen sizes and devices.6p
Developer-Friendly: While it’s user-friendly for beginners, Elementor also caters to developers by providing an extensive set of developer tools, hooks, and filters for more advanced customization.
WooCommerce Integration: Because Elementor is completely compatible with WooCommerce, people who like to design and personalize their online stores can choose it as a good option.
Frequent Updates: New features and enhancements are added to Elementor regularly, along with updates to guarantee compatibility with the most recent versions of WordPress.
Community and Support: There is a sizable and vibrant user base for Elementor. Additionally, to locate help and resources, a wealth of tutorials, support forums, and documentation are provided, which facilitates users’ ability.


The well-known WordPress page builder Divi was created by Elegant Themes. It is renowned for its extensive feature set, adaptability, and user-friendly interface. With Divi’s robust drag-and-drop builder, users can easily design and alter the look of their websites.

Designing without coding is simple for users as they can drag and drop components, modules, and blocks into their web pages. Divi provides backend and frontend editing features. On the front end, users can make changes in real time and preview how their website will appear to visitors. As an alternative, users can choose backend editing, which is a more conventional method.
Users can add a variety of modules and content features to their pages with Divi. Text, pictures, sliders, forms, testimonies, and more are among them. It is possible to personalize each module. Custom sections, layouts, and modules can be saved by users to the Divi Library for later usage on other projects or throughout the website.
This is very helpful for time management and consistency maintenance. Users have the option to store their sections, layouts, and modules in the Divi Library for use on other projects or throughout the website at a later time. Time management and consistency maintenance will benefit greatly from this.
Updates are frequently released by Elegant Themes to fix security flaws and maintain the builder’s security. There is a sizable and vibrant user base for Divi. Elegant Themes offers video lessons, a support forum, and extensive documentation to assist users in navigating and resolving any issues.

Beaver Build:

For creating and designing websites, a well-liked WordPress page builder, Beaver Builder offers a flexible and easy-to-use framework.  The drag-and-drop interface of Beaver Builder is renowned for being user-friendly.

Without knowing any code, users can quickly add, rearrange, and personalize components on their pages. With the builder’s live front-end editing feature, users can instantly view the changes they make. The design process is made simpler by this WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) methodology.
Users can add a range of content modules to their pages with Beaver Builder. Numerous aspects are covered by these modules, including forms, buttons, sliders, photos, text, and more.
Beaver Builder offers versatility in terms of website design and look compatibility with the majority of WordPress themes. But to improve theme-building capabilities, it also has a theme of its own, Beaver Themes.
Because of the builder’s adaptable design, websites made with it may easily adjust to various screen sizes and devices.  A collection of pre-made templates for different page sections and whole pages are included with Beaver Builder.
These templates are available for import, and users can alter them to suit their requirements. Beaver Builder can be used to manage and create several websites from a single WordPress installation because it is compatible with WordPress Multisite.

Visual Composer:

With the help of Visual Composer, WordPress Page Builders can easily be designed and customized by users. It is a powerful tool. Without any prior coding experience, users may design visually appealing layouts with its simple drag-and-drop interface.

Precise control over the design is ensured by its grid layout technology, which makes responsive and mobile-friendly websites possible. To design unique headers, footers, and other theme elements, Visual Composer also has a feature called Theme Builder.
Its attractiveness is further enhanced by regular upgrades, compatibility with third-party add-ons, multilingual capabilities, and a job manager. It is available in both free and premium editions.
To construct unique websites independently of pre-made themes, Oxygen is well-known for its developer-friendly features and distinguishes itself by enabling users. With the builder’s smooth drag-and-drop interface and live frontend editing experience, users can see changes as they design in real time.


With Oxygen Builder, customers have unmatched control over the appearance and operation of their websites thanks to this potent and sophisticated WordPress page builder. To construct unique websites independently of pre-made themes, Oxygen is well-known for its developer-friendly features and distinguishes itself by enabling users. With the builder’s smooth drag-and-drop interface and live frontend editing experience, users can see changes as they design in real time.
Oxygen is especially well-liked among developers and power users who want faster website loading times and better performance. For individuals looking for total creative control over their WordPress websites, Oxygen Builder offers a flexible and intelligent solution with its dedication to frequent upgrades and ongoing improvement.


In summary, WordPress Page Builders have revolutionized web building by democratizing the process and enabling individuals with a range of skill levels to design polished and eye-catching websites.

These builders—Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, and Oxygen, among others—remove the need for in-depth coding skills with their user-friendly drag-and-drop interfaces, live editing features, and variety of content modules.
With the increased accessibility of customizing layouts, design elements, and even entire themes, users may now realize their own, distinctive visions. The continual advancements in this field promise to improve the user experience even more, making website design a smooth and joyful experience for all.
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